"There’s folk music, and then there’s Haint Blue. The local sextet’s bold take on the Americana genre lands somewhere in the eye of the storm—between calm and chaos—a lilting chamber orchestra meets a holy roller gospel choir.... In the three years since the band’s debut EP, their chemistry has coalesced into a crescendo of emotion and talent. You feel their rich harmonies, of voice and instrument, in your bones."

-Baltimore Magazine


"There’s a joyous life affirming energy that runs through this album as a whole. You get the feeling you’re listening to a company of friends who really love what they’re doing and want to share that joy with you."

-Americana UK

"Baltimore's Haint Blue might be releasing the first great album of 2019.... There is something for everyone who likes Americana here. There is plenty of traditional instrumentation, but it's also a completely fresh and modern take on the genre."

-If It's Too Loud

"Bursting with intense energy and folk harmony, Haint Blue’s 'Bear the Burden' is a dramatic confessional reflection full of regret, uncertainty, and musical charm."

-Atwood Magazine

"Banjos circulating about all else, frontman Michael Cohn and Haint Blue share tales of escape, drug addiction, and the loss of a friend. 'Bear The Burden' is quite exciting and refreshing with thunderous drums, beautiful harmonies and shifting dynamics. If this is a hint as to what the group’s album Overgrown is like (out February 15, 2019) then we should all be excited."


"Haint Blue’s new self-titled EP delivers some of the best Americana-tinted pop you’ve heard this year—further driving home the notion that depth of feeling needn’t be sacrificed in order to create accessible string-based music."

-The Public

"The chronicling of the lyricist's loss of faith is a remarkable work of poetry -- unvarnished in its apostasy, yet with a sensitivity and a beautiful melancholy over the intra-familial costs that makes it plain this is no mere adolescent revolt...The simple sound of the lyrics belies their force..."

-G. I. Blanchard, Mudblood Catholic

"Beyond the well-written folk tunes and catchy songs, there is something deeper and more complicated behind the inspirations for the band. Their vocal harmonies are seamless and the energy they bring to live performances cannot be denied. They transition well from entertaining a packed venue to filming in a small studio with ease; they have a familiar rapport with each other that is engaging and inviting. But driving these songs are deeply personal stories that carry a certain sadness. The lyrics tell stories of struggles with faith, family, addiction, and the achievement of moving forward... This multifaceted structure to their music makes Haint Blue not just a successful folk band but a welcome addition to the scene as a whole."


"The seven-strong group artfully amalgamates poppy beats with Americana roots and instruments, producing a sound akin to Shovels & Rope or Avett Brothers, but still apart in its context and tonal shifts. Haint Blue has layers of pain and living in its lyrics, wrapped carefully in cheery beats and twangy harmonics."

-Jonathan Goodwin, Deli Magazine